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April 2021


Isaiah 25:6-9   Have you ever attended a banquet/dinner in your honor?  What did it feel like?  Who will we be sitting with you on God’s mountain?    What does “no more tears mean?

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24  Have you ever experienced a “rags to riches” or “rejection to acceptance” story?  What’s the best “turn-around” that you have ever experienced?  What does God do to help you overcome tribulation?

1 Corinthians 15:1-11  What part of the Gospel that was passed on to you could you pass on to someone else?  Does having the Gospel make you better than others?  How does the Gospel help you on a daily basis?

Mark 16:1-8  What was your favorite family Easter tradition?  What brought the three women to the tomb?  Why would Jesus want to meet them in Galilee?  Can you always get to Easter resurrection “overnight?”  Do you ever have bewilderment mixed in with your Easter experiences?



Acts 4:32-35 Growing up, did you ever share clothes with someone?  What makes a church community stay close?  How can we know what each other’s needs are?  What are some common ministry projects that we can all get on board with?

Psalm 133 How did you get along with siblings or cousins growing up?  What are some “blessings” that you hold dear?  Does having the blessing of eternal life bring you comfort?

1 John 1:1-2:2  Were you afraid of the dark growing up?  Why does John make a point of his firsthand experience with Jesus?  What kinds of things do you think that the false teachers are teaching in this community?  When it comes to your sin, do you tend more to hide it, bury it, or accept forgiveness?

John 20:19-31  Where in your house did you hide when major storms hit?  If your team had just suffered a great defeat, what would you do to get ready for the next game?  Why do you think the disciples are still hiding after hearing the news that Jesus was alive?  What does it take for you to trust Jesus when you are struggling in your faith?


Acts 3:12-19  Have you ever experienced an evangelist?  Why was the audience prepared to listen to Peter?  How would you describe Peter’s preaching style?  Could you see yourself telling someone about turning to Jesus for salvation?

Psalm 4 What might be causing the writer his distress and shame?  Do you think David’s doubts are more related to his behavior or God’s?  When you are angry does do you know how to channel in a non-destructive way?  How can God help you find peace?

1 John 3:1-7  Do you feel like a child of God when you are “out in the world?”  Did/do your parents love you unconditionally?  How does repeated sinning separate you from God?  How can God keep you from sinning?  

Luke 24:36b-48 Where are the disciples, what are they doing, and why?  Put the words “peace be with you” in your own words.  Why does Jesus connect their own experiences with the Bible stories?  Where have you witnessed the presence of Christ?


Acts 4:5-12 Have you ever been in or visited a jail?  How was Peter a threat to the religious leaders?  Are today’s evangelists a threat or a help to our church’s ministry?  What do you think keeps the authorities from punishing Peter?  If you had to speak up for the Gospel, would you?

Psalm 23 With what formula for dealing with stress were you raised?  What are the “rod/staff/guideposts” that God gives you?  If you can’t avoid being in the presence of “enemies,” how does God keep you safe?

1 John 3:16-24 Who showed you how to be charitable?  Do you give out of guilt, obligation, or joy?  When your heart condemns you, do you let God’s forgiveness in?  What are some charities that you would like to pursue?

John 10:11-18 Do you have a better work ethic when you own your own business?  How does a shepherd get to know their sheep?  How often do you go out of your way to get to know people at church? in your neighborhood?  How can you and Jesus get to know each other better?


Acts 8:26-40 Have you ever “hitched a ride?”  How would you describe the relationship between Phillip and the Ethiopian?  Why is it OK for Phillip to baptize someone?   In order to “open the scriptures” to others, what do you have to do?  When is the last time you bumped into someone who was open to the Gospel?

Psalm 22:25-31 Do you know of any group or country that is totally faithful to God?  When things are going well for you, do you stop to give praise to God?  When we are faithful to God, do you think our lives will work out better?

1 John 4:7-21 How is love a litmus test for our faith?  Is love more of a feeling or an action?  Do we have to fear God’s punishment?  What is the difference between fear of the Lord and fear of judgment?  

John 15:1-8 If you had to make a living gardening, how would you do?  Do you look forward to “getting pruned?”  Is it advisable to try to be a “good Christian” on your own?  Can there be “good pride” in “bearing much fruit” when it comes to love?