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October 2021



Genesis 2:18-24 What’s the difference between being alone and being lonely? Who are the people that God has sent you to “partner with”? Do you have people that you can be totally honest with? 

Psalm 8 When and where have you experienced God’s “majesty”? Does our “elevated position” allow us to do what we please with God’s Creation? What responsibilities go with this position?

Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:5-12 Is Jesus just like any other “spiritual being”? Can your own faith or spirituality save you? Do you often stop to thank Jesus for the sacrifice that he made for you? Do you allow yourself to praise God during worship?

Mark 10:2-16 How much did Jesus’ society value women and children? Was Jesus’ attitude toward divorce an example of his unchanging laws, or was his willingness to flex them toward compassion? Are you willing to stand up for people and issues that aren’t always part of a party-line value? What would Jesus do?


Amos 5:6-7, 10-15 What is Amos “lamenting”?  How can “justice be turned into bitterness”?  What rays of hope do you see in this lament?  Would you, like Amos, give people like this a second chance to make things right?

Psalm 90:12-17 When have you felt “afflicted by the Lord”?  Are you more teachable in times of trouble or good times?  How do you number your days?  One day at a time?  Making each one count?

Hebrews 4:12-16 Does God’s surgically sharp sword cause you pain or help you remove what ails you?  How do you like having your strengths and weaknesses exposed by God’s Word?  Does it comfort you to know that Jesus sympathizes with your weaknesses?

Mark 10:17-31 By addressing Jesus so formally, what response did the rich ruler expect in return?  How impressed is Jesus with our “religiosity”?  Are you open to God having something new and different for you to do?


Isaiah 53:4-12 What would you expect to be end of the servant’s suffering?  How would you react to such suffering?  How would you explain Jesus’ suffering to someone?  What is the final result of the servant’s suffering?

Psalm 91:9-16 What “angels” has God sent to help take care of you?  If God promises protection, then why does trouble come our way?  And to Jesus?  What does it mean to make God your refuge?

Hebrews 5:1-10  Do you believe in “The Priesthood of All Believers”?  What kind of a priest was Jesus?  What does it mean for you to be a priest for someone else?

Mark 10:35-45 What was the “baptism” that Jesus was talking about?  Do you really think the disciples believed they were up to the task?  Why do you think the other disciples were indignant?  Or were they jealous?  Is following Jesus an easy job?


Jeremiah 31:7-9  Why would Israel be considered the “foremost of the nations”?  Why will they come with weeping? 

Psalm 126  What period of your life would you consider your “golden years”?  What verses show that the exiles have “mixed feelings”?  What problems do they still face?  How does God tend to answer your prayers?

Hebrews 7:23-28  If Jesus is our “high priest”, is it only ordained pastors who can be “pastoral” to us?  What do Lutherans believe when they talk about the “priesthood of all believers?”  Can any Christian “hear confession”?

Mark 10:46-52  How does the blind man get Jesus’ attention?  In what area of your life would you like Jesus to help you see more clearly?  If Jesus asked you, “What would you want me to do for you?”  What would you say?


Jeremiah 31:31-34 What was the Old Covenant?  What does it mean to learn something “by heart”?  Is change more of an outer or an inner thing?  How easy is it “forgive and forget”?  Will you accept God’s complete forgiveness?

Psalm 46 How does God being still help us know that God is indeed God?  How does God help you to deal with the chaos in your life?  Where do you feel the need of Jesus’ s pecial protection now?

Romans 3:19-28 What are some ways that you try to “justify” yourself to others?  To yourself?  What does “grace” mean?  What is your responsibility?  

John 8:31-36 Where do people look for freedom?  Whose or what expectations do you find yourself trying to live up to?  What are you most proud of in your religious heritage?  In what ways has your heritage been a benefit?  A handicap?


Isaiah 25:6-9 When you think of suffering and death, do you think of a banquet party?  What grief or regret does God need to remove from you?  When has God’s promise of eternal life become real to you?

Psalm 24 Where in your life do you have trouble giving up ownership?  What gives you the right to stand in God’s presence?  What do you do to prepare to worship?  What does it mean to you to stand in the presence of God?

Revelation 21:1-6a  What are some of the most beautiful places you have ever been?  Do you have to wait till Heaven to experience God’s eternal life?  What do you think it will be like to live without fear or pain or death?  How are you adjusting to getting older?

John 11:32-44 What have you found yourself saying to God when a loved one is suffering or died?  Have you ever gotten angry with God?  What was Jesus response to grief and death?  Can you see Jesus grieving with you?  What would it be like if a person had no hope of salvation?