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H=Human P=Puppet/performer

H: Have you seen anything strange or unusual around the holidays?

P: I saw a REALLY tall guy get down on his hands and knees. In front of a little kid.

H: Where did this happen?

P: It happened at a Toy Store.  I think the guy worked there.

H: Can you tell me anything else about this REALLY tall worker from the toy store?

P: Yea.  He was dressed in COLORFUL and SILLY clothes.

H: Why do you think he did those STRANGE and SILLY things?

P: I think he didn’t want the child to be afraid of him.  He wanted the child to have fun.

H: So, what happened?

P: The parents were glad the worker was so helpful and thoughtful.

H: Did they buy any toys?

P: The worker helped them find just the right toys that they were looking for.

H:  I guess even if you look a little weird, you can still help people lots.

P: Wasn’t the Bible story about John the Baptist who had camel-hair clothes and ate bugs?  He sure looked strange!

H: He may have looked strange, but he told people about the COMING OF THE LORD!

P: That doesn’t sound STRANGE.  That sounds WONDERFUL!

H: Getting ready to celebrate Jesus being born is STRANGELY WONDERFUL.  Kids, what was strange about the guy at the toy store. Was he doing a good thing?  What was strange about John the Baptist? What good things did he do? What are some STRANGELY WONDERFUL things you and I can do before Christmas comes?  Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER. John the Baptist said/ Jesus will baptise you/ with the Holy Spirit.” That’s from Matthew 3:11. Where’s that from?  

  Would you please pray with me?  “Dear Jesus/ thanks for reminding me/ to let others know about you/ especially at Christmas/  And all of God’s children said…AMEN! By Pastor Berni Fricke