Our Youth

Janauary 19, 2020


H=Human P=Puppet/performer

H: How are you today?

P: Come close--I want to whisper something in your ear.

H: I think you probably want to tell me some JUICY GOSSIP.

P: You mean GOSSIP like when you talk about people when they aren’t around?

H: My parents always taught me NOT to GOSSIP.

P: But sometimes parents GOSSIP about their children.

H: When do they do that?

P: When the kids aren’t around, lots of parents tell how GREAT their kids are!

H: Parents are just proud of their kids—that’s GOOD GOSSIP!

P: Did your kids ever get good grades at school?

H: They sure did!

P: What did you do to let people know about it?

H: I got a BUMPER STICKER to put on our car for everyone to see.

P: That was GOOD GOSSIP to tell people GREAT NEWS!

H: I guess there are lots of ways to get GOOD GOSSIP.

P: Come close--I heard about some GOOD GOSSIP in the Bible?

H: What GOOD GOSSIP are you talking about?

P: A messenger from God told John the Baptist about how special Jesus is.

H: Sounds OK.

P: Then John told Andrew about Jesus.

H: Still sounds OK.

P: And Andrew told Simon, his brother—and so on.  Isn’t that GOSSIP?

H: I think that’s called GREAT GOSSIP!

P: Sometimes you just have to tell everyone GREAT NEWS—like about Jesus!

H: Kids, what is it called when we talk about people when they aren’t around?(gossip)  Usually, are we supposed to gossip?(shake head)  What is some GOOD GOSSIP that we can tell people about your family?  What is some GOOD GOSSIP that we can say about Jesus?(Jesus loves you)  When you have GREAT NEWS, you just HAVE TO tell someone.  Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER. John told Andrew and Andrew told Peter,/“We have found the Messiah/ come and see!” That’s from John 1:41-42.  Where’s that from? Would you please pray with me?

Dear Jesus/ thanks for coming to be my Savior/

Please help me to tell others/ how much you love them/

And all of God’s loved children said…AMEN!


Notes:  Use a puppet with hands that can gesture. By Pastor Berni Fricke