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Our Youth


September 20, 2020





H=Human P=Puppet/performer


H: Jesus said, “The last will be first and the first will be last.”  

P: That sounds like Jesus is NOT FAIR!

H: How is Jesus NOT FAIR?

P: Jesus gives MORE to some than to others.

H: Who did Jesus give MORE to?

P: Those who were VERY HUNGRY got MORE FOOD.

H: Oh, I see.

P: Those who were VERY SICK got MORE HEALING.

H: Go on.

P: Those who acted VERY BADLY received MORE FORGIVENESS.

H: That kind of makes sense.  Tell me more.

P: Those who were VERY LONELY got MORE ATTENTION from Jesus.

H: So, I guess you are right—Jesus is NOT FAIR the way WE WANT!

P: I guess if we want to be like Jesus, we have to be fair like Jesus.

H: A GOOD STUDENT does what their TEACHER teaches.

P: If others are HURTING MORE, then it’s ONLY FAIR that we give them MORE LOVE!

H: Kids, our friend here says that Jesus is fair in a DIFFERENT way.  If someone is VERY HUNGRY, what should we give them MORE OF?(food)  If someone is REALLY HURT, what should we give them MORE OF(healing).  If someone is VERY LONELY, what should we give them MORE OF?(time/attention)  Jesus teaches us that it’s FAIR to give others WHAT THEY NEED.  Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER.  Jesus said, “The last will be first/ and the first will be last.” That’s from Matthew 20:16.  Where’s that from?  Would you please pray with me?

Dear Jesus/ when people are HURTING MORE/

Thank you for HELPING MORE/

You are so GOOD to us/

Please help me to be like you/

And all of God’s helping children said…AMEN!


Notes:  Use a puppet that can gesture.  REALLY EMPHASISE THE CAPITALIZED WORDS!

By Berni Fricke