Our Youth

July 12, 2020



H=Human P=Puppet/performer


H: Jesus talked so much about seeds--he must have LOVED gardening.

P: I love gardening, too!  I am going to go right out and plant some seeds.

H: Are you just going to get a handful of seeds and LET ‘EM FLY!

P: That’s what Jesus did—he just threw them EVERYWHERE.

H: Didn’t some seeds fall on HARD soil, some in THORNS and some on GOOD soil.

P: Sounds like ANYWHERE to me!

H: Where did the GOOD SOIL come from?  Did it just MAGICALLY appear?

P: I guess the gardener took some time to get the soil ready for the seeds.

H: Do you REALLY think that the gardener meant to throw seed on the rocks?

P: The gardener was probably throwing the seed on the GOOD SOIL and SOME of it just spilled over.

H: So, are you still going to just let your seeds FLY?

P: I guess I have some SOIL WORK to do before I plant my seeds.

H: Jesus wasn’t just talking about scattering SEEDS—he wants us to scatter his LOVE.

P: I am going to take some of Jesus’ love and just LET IT FLY!

H: Don’t you want to find out what people NEED before you just let the love FLY?

P: I guess that planting God’s love in people takes WORK, too?

H: So what do you think about Jesus’ GARDENING, now?

P: It’s NOT EASY, but with Jesus’ help, gardens and love can GROW!

H: Kids, raise your hands if you like to see things grow.  What kind of things would you like to plant?  What does a gardner do to help seeds grow?  What’s the best thing that we can plant in people?  Should we just throw love at people without talking to them first?  Planting a garden and planting God’s love takes some thoughtful, hard work.  Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER.  Jesus said, “The seeds that fell on good soil/ brought lots of growth.” That’s from Matthew 13:8.  Where’s that from?  Would you please pray with me?

Dear Jesus/ please give me energy and patience/

To help gardens and love grow/

And all of God’s loving and growing children said…AMEN!


Notes:  Use a puppet that can gesture. By Pastor Berni Fricke