Our Youth

imagesNovember 29, 2020




H=Human P=Puppet/performer


H: Have you noticed how the Seasons and the weather are really changing?

P: I am SURE glad that I am not a Weather Reporter.

H: What’s wrong with reporting the weather that is coming?

P: Are you kidding me?  Weather Reporters are always telling us STORMS are coming.

H: That’s a GOOD THING.


H: No.  TELLING US about the coming storms is a GOOD THING.

P: But they talk about THUNDER, LIGHTENING, WINDS, and lots of RAIN.

H: What would happen if they DIDN’T tell you that the storms are coming?

P: I don’t know.

H: If you were going swimming and you didn’t know that lightening was coming…

P: …it could be a very SHOCKING experience!

H: What do think now?

P: I think God gives us thunder and lightening to (SHOUT)GET OUR ATTENTION!

H: God wants us to be ready for the good times…

P: …And for the STORMY TIMES!

H: There is one thing that the Weather Reporter didn’t tell us.

P: What’s that?

H: Whenever there are SCARY STORM-TIMES, Jesus promises to be with us.

P: I just can’t wait for the next STORMY weather report.

H: Why not?

P: I don’t want to wait too long for Jesus!

H: Kids, raise your hand if stormy weather sometimes scares you.  Me too.  If no one tells us about the storms, what will happen?(won’t be prepared)  Who will come to us when we have STORMY TIMES?(Jesus, parents)  Would you please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER?  Jesus said, “Therefore, be alert, because you don’t know when he will return.”  That’s from Mark 13:35.  Would you please pray with me?

Dear God/ you know that storms and stormy times/

Sometimes scare me/ thank you for reminding me/

That you come to me/ when times are hard/

And all of God’s sometimes-scared children said…AMEN!


Notes:  Use a puppet that can gesture.  REALLY EMPHASISE THE CAPITALS!

By Pastor Berni Fricke