Our Youth

imagesFebruary 21, 2021



H=Human P=Puppet/performer

H: A voice from Heaven said, “You are my Son whom I love.  I am SO pleased with you!”

P: It sounded like things were going well for Jesus.

H: Right after that Jesus was in the wilderness 40 days, and was tempted by Satan.

P: Being tempted by the devil doesn’t sound so good.  

H: There are TEMPTATIONS all around us.


H: TEMPTATIONS are voices that come out of things to get you to do wrong things.

P: What things have VOICES coming out of them?  

H: (pull out candy bar) I have a CANDY BAR?  

P: What does the voice from the candy bar TEMPTATION say?

H: Let’s listen closely?  It says, “Eat me—I won’t spoil your dinner!”

P: You aren’t supposed to eat candy before dinner.

H: Let’s see what else the TEMPTATIONS say.  “Just one little bite won’t hurt.”

P: I don’t know.  Maybe one little bite wouldn’t hurt.

H: The TEMPTATION has almost GOT YA!  “Eat me NOW!”(lower voice)

P: Those TEMPTATIONS are tricky.  I need HELP!

H: God also sends us ANGELS to talk to us.

P: What do the ANGELS say?

H: Let’s listen.  “Candy is OK—if it’s OK with mom and dad—AFTER dinner.”

P: I like what ANGELS say MUCH better than what the TEMPTATIONS say.

H: Jesus was in the wilderness 40 days, and he was tempted by Satan.

P: That’s LOTS OF TEMPTATIONS.  What voices did Jesus listen to?

H: Jesus always listened to the voices of the ANGELS—they were sent from God.

P: Who are some of the Angels that God sends to us?

H: God sends us parents and teachers and friends to be our Angels.

P: When TEMPTATIONS come, I’m going to listen to the ANGELS God sends to me.

H: Kids, raise your hand if you like CANDY.  What did the TEMPTATIONS say about eating candy?  What did the ANGELS say about candy?  Who are some of the Angels that God sends to you?  Is it better to listen to the TEMPTATIONS or to the ANGELS? Let’s be like Jesus and listen to the ANGELS that God sends us.  Would you please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER?  “Jesus was in the wilderness forty days/ He was tempted by Satan/ but listened to the Word of God/ and was helped by the Angels.” That’s from Mark 1:13.  Where’s that from?  Please pray with me?

Dear Jesus/ when temptations speak to me/

Please help me to listen/to the voices of Angels/

Giving us God’s Word/ just like you did/

And all of God’s listening children said…AMEN!

Notes:  Use a tempting and a teaching voice.  Use a candy bar.  By Pastor Berni Fricke