Our Youth


imagesMAY 16, 2021



H=Human P=Puppet/performer

H: Happy Ascension Sunday to you!

P: Happy Ascension Sunday to you, too.  What does ASCENSION mean?

H: That’s where Jesus went up to Heaven after he rose up from the dead on Easter.

P: About that:  Easter was like the COOLEST THING EVER, RIGHT!?

H: It was WAY COOL!  Why do you ask?

P: So Jesus got back together with his disciples, his friends.

H: Right again.  Jesus reminded them what he had taught them.

P: And they were all excited to do things for Jesus, right?

H: They were ready to tell people about how GREAT the love of Jesus was.


H: What don’t you get?

P: Why did Jesus leave just when things were going GREAT?

H: Do children live in their parents’ home forever?

P: Some would like to.  But, no, they have to learn to get out and live on their own.

H: Jesus had been teaching his disciples to grow up in their faith.

P: I GET IT!  Jesus thought they were ready to share the Good News on their own.

H: EXACTLY!  Jesus trusts you and me and all of us to share the Good News, too.

P: But we will need some of His power, too.

H: Stick around for next week.  That’s when we hear about Jesus sending us his Spirit.


H: Kids, what amazing thing happened on Ascension Day?  Why did Jesus go back to Heaven?  If Jesus is in Heaven, who will tell people about the Good News of God’s love?  Raise your hand if you can share God’s love with others.  Please repeat today’s BIBLE MEMORY VERSE:  Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses/ to tell people about me/ when the Holy Spirit comes to you.  Then Jesus was taken to Heaven.”  That’s from Acts chapter 1.  Where’s that from?  Please pray after me.

Dear God/ we wish that Jesus was right here with us/

Thank you that through our prayers/ Jesus is in our heart/

Help us to share his love with others/

And all of God’s praying children said…AMEN! 

Notes:  Use a people puppet that can gesture. By Pastor Berni Fricke