Monthly FLAME

September 2021


I know my age when I remember a favorite act on the Ed Sullivan Show, where a man had an

act that consisted of spinning 5 glass bowls on 4ft sticks and 8 plates on the table holding the

bowls.  The challenge was to go back and keep the ones already spinning from falling even

while getting new ones going.  The amazing thing is that he did this by himself, but only for a

short while.  To keep things spinning and adding on new things to spin at say, a church like

Faith, it takes a coordinated team effort to impress in people that the plates and bowls and

music and worship and men’s and women’s study groups and service and social opportunities and wonderful prayer ministry and visitation ministers and Quilters and home communion servers takes our time, our talents, and our money to keep those Ministry plates spinning.

But with all the good things we try to do, we are still a “well-kept secret”.  So, I asked some people what gets them excited about ministry.  SPECIAL MUSIC was mentioned with someone singing a special song that people could listen to or sing along with—bringing in some extra energy. TESTIMONIALS could be given where people shared how God had been working in their lives.  Bringing in an INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER who could be part of a regular service or at a separate time. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Maybe the best way to bring more sanity to our church is by adding a couple of spinning plates and bowls that we haven’t tried before!  As always, the best ideas come from and are best done by those of you who have experienced them.  Think about what you would like to be part of in the weeks ahead because change is in the air!