Monthly FLAME

August 2021

Pastor's Letter


We all want to return to NORMAL!  However, there is a new normal and we are trying to find a balance between the old normal and the new. Faith is doing this by following guidelines based on the most current information from local health authorities and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  During this time, we need to focus less on what we shouldn’t or can’t do in church or as a community, and more on what we CAN DO.I hope all of us are praying that we can continue to worship in person and that our community, state, country and world will reclaim its JOY.

My mother had broken her nose when she was a teenager, when I asked my mother how she did that, she said that it was during a sudden evening air attack by the Allies in Berlin, during WWII.  Mom, who was a teen, and her best friend, who was half-Jewish, decided not to hide in the basement of their building, where they could have gotten buried.  They decided to go out to a park to enjoy nature and each other’s company.  When the lights were turned out on their way home, due to the air raid, my mom walked into a wall and broke her nose.  She didn’t let it deter her

from finding beauty and friendship in the midst of horrible circumstances.

I hope that, we, the family and friends of Faith Lutheran Church do not just hope we could come back to normalcy SOME DAY, but that we, too, can share love and joy with each other and invite others to join in, as well!  SO—who could you invite to church or a church activity, or what could you sign up to try, or what activity would you like to see us do, as we return to the NEW NORMAL!?