Monthly FLAME

It’s July 2021 and things are HOT!, HOT!, HOT!  One thing that’s HOT is getting back to some kind of NORMALCY, whether that’s getting out in public, more interactive worship, and the upcoming Olympics (rescheduled because of Covid).  Speaking of Olympics, they had to hold the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon, in the later evening because there were record DESTROYING temps!  The extra rest actually allowed for record setting performances by the athletes.

        There is no doubt that all these issues will be with us for a long time or in some cases, forever.  I like some of the ways that we have made changes at church. The quilters are getting crafty again.  People are not just checking up on others, but also inviting them to join them at church.  And they are inviting friends to church, who have given all of us a shot of joy and appreciation to be here.  Other members are working on sprucing up both the inside and the outside of the church facilities and grounds.

 A monthly social group is beating the heat with a 4th of July Pool Party and an August Movie Outing.  More monthly outings are already being planned.  What do you like to do that you think others would enjoy?  Talk it up and see how others respond?  Invite me!

        I just hope and pray that this energy is the NEW NORMAL.  So, remember that this church is not intended to be “settled into”, but rather a group of Jesus Christ’s Ambassadors here at Faith and in our community.  Isn’t this a GREAT PLACE TO BE!?