Monthly FLAME

June  2021

Pastor's Letter

   Before you think I am spreading heresy, let’s turn to Jesus.  What we find is that Jesus spends the majority of his time in PEOPLE TIME-not in SACRAMENTAL TIME.  Or, perhaps better put, Jesus considers LINGERING with people as SACRED TIME!  It was during that people time that Jesus got to develop friendships, share food and fun, meet family and friends, and put people at ease enough for them to open up to Him about what makes them tick and what their needs included.  Some have said that Lutherans recognize 3 sacraments instead of 2.  There’s Baptism, Holy Communion, and of course, the Fellowship hour/Social hour after church.  By the length of time we spend, one might think that we hold the social hour as most important!  Of course, I’m kidding!  Right?

   Surveys show that when someone needs to open up to someone for help the people they turn to are, in ascending order:  #5 therapist, #4 minister, # 3 bartender, #2 hairdresser, and #1 trusted friend.  Did you notice that the more time you spend with people in “personal time”, the more likely you are to trust them with what’s really important to you?

  When I was approached by a member of our Faith Family about getting a social min istry off the ground, I didn’t just think, “Oh boy—some FUN TIME!  I thought that this might be a nice “open door” by which to get to know each other better, invite people to meet with church people in a less formal, fun setting.  

   If Jesus comes back soon, the angels assured us that “He will return just as he left”, which many interpret as some kind of SPECTACULAR DESCENDING FROM THE CLOUDS.  I rather see it as Jesus coming to spend time with us in such a way that we develop a spirit of trust, challenge, healing, and growth.  Oh, and FUN!