Monthly FLAME

May 2021

Pastor's Letter


April showers bring May flowers—and May WEEDS!  We were so eager to focus attention on nurturing our flowers and bushes—to let them grow wild and carefree, that we forgot that weeds grow faster and more dense.  If only the flowers could grow as assertively, think of the kind of garden we would have.

        We have been having visitors come check us out, especially at worship.  Did you know that people new or newer to worship are often more likely to invite others to come to our church than those who have been here for years.  But I have also been noticing another fascinating trend.  Along with the newer people who have been worshipping with us these past few months, some of our “regulars” have been feeling safer and ready to come back to worship, fellowship and meetings.  When members of these two groups encounter each other, they often don’t know who is a visitor and who has been here for a while.  All we know is that we are here together partaking of the ministry and getting to know each other better.  

I think this ambiguity affords us the opportunity to feel free to invite others to worship and group meetings.  I have always thought that the only way to get a small church to grow is to consider yourselves to be a mission church that is just getting started.  In the midst of our challenges, let’s consider ourselves on a MISSION TO START SOMETHING NEW AND GROWING.  

Recently, I officiated at a Celebration of Life service for Lillian Sandow Meyer.  She grew up in our church and some of her relatives were among those who first met in homes as they were getting Faith off the ground.  My dream is that as old and new worshippers get to know each other better, we can build some new foundations for Faith Lutheran, as we experience Faith by the Lake and in each other’s lives!

P.S. Thank you for all those who have been inviting me in for home Holy Communion. I have really been enjoying the visits to your homes and getting the opportunity to bring Holy Communion. If you know of someone who is homebound and would like Holy Communion, feel free to contact me.