Monthly FLAME

March 2021

Pastor's Letter

As soon as we approached March, all I heard about was that it was the ONE YEAR ANIVERSARY--of Covid-19 that is.  It is a reminder that our lives and the church’s ministry have, in a variety of ways been dramatically altered. I had done some substitute teaching ever since I came as your ¾ time pastor 10 years ago. But I have not taught since last March and am waiting for my second COVID shot to even consider going back into the classroom. FROM PASTOR BERNI  

One thing that I really remember from last year is how our Lent and Easter ministry plans had to be either dropped or totally be recast virtually.  Reviewing what we provided on-line, I am proud of the planners and the participants who kept the spirit of the season alive.  

Besides our on-line worship, this year we are having midweek topical discussions and reflections on a variety of topics.  The last topic of forgiveness grabbed my attention both in my reflections and in some very challenging live discussion on our Zoom Meeting.  

We are also creatively looking at ways to have both live and online Holy Week worship, some of which may be outside and some indoors.  But that’s the way our life continues to be, right?  We look for safe and creative ways to do more than just survive from one day to the next.  

In closing, I want all of us to especially remember our youth and young adults who “normally” do lots of socializing in school and in sports with their peers.  Let’s pray that those opportunities will appear again sooner rather than later, so we can once again complain that they are too busy for their own good.

Just one more last thing:  It’s not just the kids that miss the social cavorting and the sharing.  It’s also God’s older kids(us) who look forward to lingering more with each other as God’s family at Faith!