Monthly FLAME

February 2021

Pastor's Letter



friend of mine asked me to check out some of their church’s ministry.  I knew their church was a lot bigger than our church.  They used a lot of technology.  I was intrigued by the dialogue part of their meetings and studies. We now have Wi-Fi in the sanctuary, so it will allow us to have more worship and study possibilities, live and taped, as time goes on. Thanks to Dave Heslop, Richard Francis, Bruce Rongey, and Joe Tobin for installing the internet connection.

Speaking of communication, I will continue to expand my outreach to you with phone calls, video chats where possible, and cards when appropriate. We are going to have some online midweek studies during Lent where there will be a short litany (service) and an introduction to the week’s lesson and then address questions that you may have. The Mid-Week litany and introduction will be available prior to the Wednesday evening Zoom for anyone who may want to preview. You are welcome to email a question before the Mid-Week Zoom and it will be answered during the study. Each week’s litany will be included in the FLAME and will be posted on the website.

Did you know that Jesus used an online ministry, too?  But, instead of using the internet to connect his followers, Jesus taught his line of disciples, who then taught the next line of disciples, and so on.  I encourage you to tell others about the ministry opportunities they can share with us online or in person.

We may not have as much technology as some other churches but we are trying to expand our worship and study possibilities so we can tell others about the Grace of God, the peace of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus to others.  See, hear, write, chat with you soon!