Monthly FLAME

January 2021

Pastor's Letter





I remember going river rafting with a church youth group.  Our leaders took us to a place where we could jump from an extremely high rock ledge into the water.  I thought the jump would be the scariest part.  But, the jump was not over when we hit the water.  The greatest fear for me was how long it took to get back to the surface so I could breathe again.

I suspect that many people’s New Year’s resolution is less about fancy travel destinations and more about being able to once again safely gather with friends and family.  My family’s Christmas Zoom Meeting took over 2 hours as each family unit told the others the who’s and what’s that they had been doing.  It felt so much like being there with them that when I told a friend that I had traveled all around the country visiting people, she was worried that I was a Covid-19 Super Spreader.  I assured her that I was not there in person, but in spirit and video!

The three things that most of us had added to our routines were more reading, more spiritual practices, and more phone calls.  I hope that when things get back to something close to “normal”, those practices continue for us and for me.  As we look for New Year’s Resolutions, it wouldn’t hurt to follow the #1 resolution in both the Old and the New Testament which reads, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and might, and your neighbor the way that you love yourself.”

        I wonder if you could do me a favor?  Could you contact me or the office and let us know what are some books that you read that have inspired you, or some spiritual practices you have been using?  Finally, please keep in contact with people and maybe add a few to your list.