Monthly FLAME

December 2020

Pastor's Letter





How long has Wheel of Fortune been on, anyway?  It seems like those grand prizes at the end of the show have been around longer than I have.  Will they get that unbelievable prize or just have to settle with the modest amount of cash to hold them over for the next party they throw?

I wonder what Mary and Joseph were hoping for after an angel came to visit and prophesy great things for them and the world?  I’m pretty sure going to the little town of Bethlehem, which was not a dream destination vacation, and finding that there was no room for them in any inn, was not the prize they were hoping to win.  By the time the first Christmas came along, Mary may not have felt like a VERY FAVORED ONE!

I was thinking that during this year’s Advent & Christmas, I would take the time that I am not able to spend with my family,uncluttering and giving away things that I am not using like extra clothes and sports things.  I was definitely NOT anticipating that my car engine would be something that I had to part with!

But, that’s the way that God works his best to get our attention.  I was more concerned about getting the donations that I still had in my disabled vehicle to donation centers and the turkey that I had cooked that was part of the lunch I was taking to the 14 Forward Homeless Shelter would get delivered.  I was appreciative that the tow truck driver waived the emergency rate for getting me off the 10th St Bridge and saved me $180.  The lunch went so well, the clothes were very much appreciated, and my mechanic is getting me a newer engine at a reasonable rate.

Other than on Zoom or the phone, I didn’t see people that I usually see at Thanksgiving, but as a kickoff for Advent, I have already met many people that are helping me get ready for a truly incredible Christmas.  Joseph and Mary had so much more to give than they knew, despite what seemed to be a lost prize.

In these most challenging times that we live in, our church will be celebrating baptisms, new members joining, and new ways that we get and stay connected to each other here at Faith.  I hope God gives you some opportunities to share yourself with loved ones and strangers in need, alike, this Advent and Christmas.  Prepare to be surprised!