Monthly FLAME

February 2019 


I signed up to provide the birthday cake this month to celebrate my father’s 100th birthday.  I was going to be so proud.  That’s when I was reminded that there were 101 Dalmatians, not 100 .  My dad was 9 years older than my mom, who was born in 1927, minus 9 gets pop’s birthday to 1918.  My sister said that we SHOULD HAVE celebrated last year, but we didn’t. So what am I going to do about it?

A wise friend of mine says to avoid the COULDA-SHOULDA-WOULDAS whenever possible.  Unless you have invented a time machine, you can’t go back and change the things you COULDA-SHOULDA-WOULDA done.  Certainly, you can go back in your mind and think about better choices that you wish you had made—that you COULDA made.  But what does that get you? It gets you a large serving of regret or worse, self-pity. If only they still allowed those medieval self-torture devises, those ropes with nails on them, so you could give yourself a good flogging!  

What’s the best way to crash into a wall?  How about WALKING BACKWARDS! What’s the best way to keep from moving forward?  Live in the PAST. But, that certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t try to understand or respect the past.

Speaking of the past and milestones, Faith American Lutheran Church, our original, and still our legal name, is 75 years old this year.  Our 75th celebration will be in June of this year!  Wouldn’t it be great if we could eventually celebrate Faith Lutheran’s 100th year anniversary?

A last word about my pop:  He was always willing to learn from the past and move into the future for the good of his family.  A lot of who I am comes from him. The best way I can think of to celebrate his life is to help Faith keep living its life.  

P.S.  I would love to come back for the celebration.