Monthly FLAME

December 2018

I was asked to lead some fun songs with children recently. I noticed that the tunes were fun but the themes a bit gruesome. “Ring-around-the-rosie” was about the Plague, and there’s no doubt what the song “London’s Burning” is about. The point is not to make light of tragedy, but rather to find ways to bring joy out of sadness.

At Christmas, we will be singing, “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, the little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head”, a sweet tune about a homeless family. I think we can all agree that God, in Christ, brought a lot of joy out of sadness. 

On December 15, our youth and adults are invited to take part in bringing more joy out of tragedy. Through Thrivent, the Schwyharts are giving us $250 to buy supplies for the only remaining shelter in Chico. Then we will do a couple of hours of service. Finally, Thrivent is giving us 300 t-shirts to hand out to every Paradise homeless person and volunteer at the shelter. We will of course sing Christmas carols with our new friends at the shelter!

Life is full of difficulties, disappointments, and hardships. That’s true for each of us, our families, our church, and our greater North Valley Community. Fortunately, God uses those times to be the Advent of joy in our lives, as we DO what those t-shirts encourage us to do—LIVE GENEROUSLY! Remember—the best gift at Christmas is
the one you give to someone else.