Monthly FLAME

November 2018

  We are heading towards a probable partnership with another church on our campus. That means there will be more activity as they bring their ministry with them. I am pretty sure that we won’t have the same reaction Jesus’ disciples had when some miracle workers outside of Jesus’ band of followers did their ministry in overlapping territory. Their reaction was an unhealthy competition that they wanted to win.

  You may think that I am going to suggest we avoid any competition with another group of Christians, especially one that is sharing a home with us, but I am not going to do that. I think we can challenge each other to expand the ministry we are currently doing. For instance, I am pretty sure that if any of their people are interested in quilting they will be welcome to join with our quilters. If any of our people are interested in helping with some of the holiday service projects that they are known for, they would be welcomed to join in.

  We can also challenge each other to start up new ministries. Within a month, with inspiration from the Men’s Group retreat, we will be starting up a midweek, lunchtime Prayer and Meditation Drop-in at our church. People from the community or our churches can come by and pray in the sanctuary and then go back to their daily routines refreshed.

  We will also have a 4-week Wednesday evening 7PM Bible Study and Fellowship group meeting at the church starting on November 28. The study material will fit the themes of the Advent devotionals that we have ordered. Jesus encouraged his disciples to be glad that ministry was expanding in their midst. He encourages us to be glad, too!